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  • Not much exists regarding this bizarre entry into the canon of outsider/experimental private press recordings. Rose Marie Lawson is credited with all of the voice, instrumentals (organ/piano) and sound effects present on this album. It’s been described as sounding like a cross between Lucia Pamela and Sun Ra. She’s not quite “The Space Lady,” but this is for sure an oddity that warrants a […]

  • August 26, 2015

    Hard to believe it’s been a full month since I saw Bongripper melt my face off at Complex over in Glendale. That was “The Way Of The Shred Tour” with Goya and Yidhra. Since that night, a grand total of TWO shows I’ve wanted to see at Complex were cancelled. Locrian (band cancelled for personal reasons), and Cut Hands (unknown reason). Thankfully, Bongripper did not cancel […]

  • August 19, 2015

    Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles my roommates birthed the idea of a monthly dinner club. It was 2007, and I think it was Sari who suggested the name “Dinner Club For Day People.” The idea was that once a month a group of friends would go out to eat, and at each meal one member of the group was allowed to invite a “Day Person” […]

  • July 30, 2015

    Sometimes you have to leave town. Even if for one day. Even if “leaving town” requires only an hour’s drive and you’re technically only traveling through one county. 2015 has been a brutal year thus far. And June into July presented a fresh series of frustrations for me. I’ve been dreaming all month of having one single day of fun and relaxation, and tried desperately to organize a fun getaway this week. […]

  • I know I promised to post some “The Best…So Far” lists in June — you know, the half-way point in 2015 — but I don’t think I got to them all. I posted music and beer but I think I forgot food. So, in the most expeditious but thorough way possible…here’s my list of the ten best meals of 2015 so far: Marea (New York, NY) […]

  • June 19, 2015

    As much as I love a memorable meal, or a great record, or a roll in the hay with a young woman who just arrived in Los Angeles with dreams of breaking into the industry, nothing beats a cold beer. Beer (and by extension fine wines or small batch bourbons, I suppose) elevates those memorable meals. Drinking a good beer goes hand-in-hand with listening to good music. And, […]