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  • December 17, 2014
    by Evan

    Hey guys and gals, Just in time for the holidays (but probably a little TOO close to make a difference) I’ve slashed the price of the first release on Swan Fungus Records, Todd’s¬†With Love…From Me To You LP from $16 PPD to $13 PPD in the United States (that’s $10 + $3 shipping). For international customers who were paying $32 before (sorry, USPS 1st […]

  • December 12, 2014
    by Evan

    I’ve done a lot of drinking this year. What began with champagne at The Hudson in West Hollywood will probably end with a cocktail someplace else a few weeks from now. In between there have been plenty of good, happy reasons to toast with friends and family. There have also been some darker and unhappy reasons to knock back a few too many drinks […]

  • December 8, 2014
    by Evan

    I’ve been a busy boy. After arriving back in LA on Thursday, my Friday night was devoted to dining out with my buddy Adam and then grabbing drinks with Nate and his new girl in Silver Lake. We went to Pine & Crane, which has been on my list of must-try restaurants for a few months now, and I was supremely impressed. The dan […]

  • December 2, 2014
    by Evan

    The further adventures of Swan Fungus on the East Coast reached its peak¬†Sunday with an epic cook-off at between my sister and I. Hosted by a local bar, ten-or-so contestants vied for the title of “best meatball” while imbibing copious amounts of alcohol. My sis spent all Saturday night prepping her balls, which contained a picture of pork, ground beef, veal and bacon. Then […]

  • November 29, 2014
    by Evan

    Who goes out for a 3-michelin-star dinner the night after Thanksgiving? I’ll tell you exactly what kind of reckless eater makes such a foolhardy decision: Me. The same kind of “gourmand” who started this website by reviewing Qdoba burritos and chicken finger sandwiches. Now look at me. No. Don’t look at me. I’m hideous. I guess it’s pretty hard to get reservations at fancy […]

  • November 25, 2014
    by Evan

    I’m flying back East for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’ll try to update a couple times with relevant/pertinent intel. No record show or anything this time around, so it’ll mostly be driving around New Jersey looking for ways to pass the time. I know I’m going to another fancy dinner in NYC one night so there will certainly be a post about that. Also Ian has […]